Diamondback Fighting Championship – DFC6 Results And Recap


Article courtesy of Wayne Carl of MMA Freaks and Nick Portella MMA.

Diamondback Fighting Championship (DFC) 6 – Warriors

A full recap of an amazing event.

Mix an amazing venue, with professional promoters, top-class fighters, and an educated crowd, what do you get?

Diamondback Fighting Championship DFC6 is the answer!

4 amateur and 7 professional fights all well matched and it did not fail to deliver.

KO’s, submissions, a draw, hard-fought decisions and the crowning of two new champions!

Craig Icke and his team put on a smooth, seamless promotion aimed at entertaining the crowd and elevating MMA in Australia.

As always at NickPortellaMMA.com we will provide a recap of every fight, including what we have seen as the significant moments of each round.

Fight One:

Dylan Adams vs. Ian Nguyen

Round 1:

** Adams fires in two body kicks.

** Aggressive octagon control for Adams.

** Attempted takedown Nguyen.

** Nguyen with grappling and clear head position against the cage.

** Both exchange knees in a clinch.

** Head kick landed by Adams–partially blocked.

** Adams secures under hooks.

** Hard knee landed by Adams.

** Nguyen lands multiple uppercuts.

** Grappling control to Nguyen-reversed by Adams.

Close round, 10-9 to Adams in my opinion.

Round 2:

** Inside leg kicks to start the round for Nguyen.

** Aggressive start for Nguyen.

** Both fighters look for under hooks, both well-schooled.

** Both men moving well for amateurs.

** Takedown Nguyen–nice work.

** Nguyen moves into side control.

** Ground and pound from Nguyen.

** Nguyen half lets him up, setting a trap.

** Nguyen transitions to top position.

** Adams scrambles.

** Nguyen secures top mount.

** Adams as game as they come continues to work.

** Nguyen moves back to side control.

** The transitions by Nguyen are amazing for an amateur.

10-9 Nguyen, for anyone that likes the ground game, check out that round.

Round 3:

** 1-1, who wants this fight!

** Nguyen comes out and takes the center (centre in Australia) of the octagon.

** Attempted trip to takedown by Adams.

** Nice reversal of position by Nguyen.

** Nguyen improves his position to side control.

** Adams recovers and puts Nguyen into his full guard.

** Adams gets back to his feet-great work.

** Groin strike, ouch–Adams hurt.

** Hard accurate left hook to Adams.

** Nguyen holding the aggression and octagon control.

** Adams counters the forward moving Nguyen.

** Adams looking for head position in a grapple against the cage.

** Body kicks for Adams–Nguyen unfazed.

** 3-punch combination for Nguyen.

10-9 Nguyen in my opinion…. I had it 29-28 Nguyen.

Official decision 29-28 28-29 28-28 Draw (not upset at that both guys were great).

Fight 2:

Garry Smith vs Brando Pericic

Round 1:

** Don’t blink–these boys are massive.

** Both take the center of the octagon and exchange.

** Smith half shoots for a grapple/takedown

** Pericic tosses Smith aside.

** Both throw with deadly intentions.

** Pericic lands the cleaner.

** Smith is rocked and hurt.

** Pericic throws what looks like an 8-punch combination.

** Only needs a few to land and Smith is on the canvas.

KO victory to Brando Pericic–WOW!

Fight 3:

Kyle Maistry vs Brad Walley

Round 1:

** Intense stare down.

** Both these guys are quick with elite footwork.

** It’s southpaw vs orthodox.

** Walley comes out swinging hard.

** Body kick accurate for Walley.

** Maistry’s head movement keeps him away.

** Walley transitions from striking to a takedown and lands it, nice.

** Side control to Walley.

** Kneebar attempt from Maistry.

** Back to their feet, Walley tries for a standing guillotine.

** Under hook battle–both look like they are well coached.

** Walley seems the stronger in a clinch.

** Takedown landed by Walley-strong.

** Ground and pound for Walley.

** Even grapple contest against the cage to end the round.

10-9 Walley–cleaner strikes and aggression.

Round 2:

** Walley comes out and lands a clean left hook.

** Follows up with 3 more left hooks and they are there for him.

** Maistry leaving his head on the centerline–needs to move his head like his feet.

** Another left hand for Walley–it’s there all day–Maistry needs to adjust.

** Maistry starts to win a grappling exchange.

** Walley reverses the position.

** Takedown for Walley.

** Walley slides smoothly into top control.

** Walley tries to sink in a choke.

** Great scramble Maistry.

** Maistry starts to land late-Walley in defense mode for the first time.

** Good finish to the round for Maistry–not enough to steal the round.

10-9 Walley–Maistry ended well and still seems fresh.

Round 3:

** 2-0 for Walley heading into the last.

** Maistry needs a finish.

** Walley draws a striking attack from Maistry.

** Walley level changes and gets a takedown–well coached!

** Walley moves to side control.

** Arm choke attempted by Walley.

** Maistry understands he needs to get up and scrambles.

** Walley jumps back into side mount.

** Maistry is still game and keeps working.

** Walley controls the round when he needed to.

** Very polished performance from Walley.

** Maistry was game.

10-9 Walley – a mature third round from Walley.

Judges score a unanimous point decision to Brad Walley.

Fight 4

Riley Payne vs Harry Gabrielson

Round 1:

** Under hook battle to begin.

** This looks well matched.

** Even clinch against the fence.

** Payne’s head position more dominate.

** Hard accurate knee Gabrielson.

** Headlock transitioned into a takedown for Payne.

** Back up quickly.

** Payne lands a good left-right combo.

** Gabrielson taking in some deep breaths.

** Payne seems to be gaining momentum in the grapple.

** Hard uppercut for Payne.

** Takedown landed by Payne.

** Gabrielson goes for a guillotine.

10-9 for Payne. Stronger clinch game the reason.

Round 2:

** Payne takes octagon control.

** A clinch against the cage controlled by Payne.

** Gabrielson lands a nice right cross.

** Attempted takedown Payne.

** Gabrielson ends up on top, transitions into full mount.

** Gabrielson transitions to his back, locks in a choke.

** Payne fights it, good hand fighting.

** Payne escapes to his feet.

** This is such an even fight.

** 3-punch impressive combo Gabrielson.

** Hard knee landed for Payne.

** Bulldog choke for Payne, can’t hold onto that!

** Gabrielson takes his back.

** Gabrielson rains down heavy ground and pound.

** Gabrielson tries to lock in a RNC.

10-9 Gabrielson. Nothing better than seeing well-matched fights.

Round 3:

** 1-1 Who wants it, boys!

** Accurate body kick by Gabrielson.

** Even grappling exchange.

** Gabrielson looks fresh after looking tired in round 1.

** 6-punch combination Gabrielson.

** Attempted takedown Payne.

** Gabrielson sprawls and lands on top.

** Scramble to their feet.

** Gabrielson lands a clean straight right.

** Knees in a clinch.

** Gabrielson lands a clean crisp KO punch.

** Payne is out!

KO victory to Harry Gabrielson.

Fight 5 – Professionals

Travis May vs Taylor Garrett

Round 1:

** Inside leg kicks exchanged.

** Tentative start.

** Under hook battle, Garrett secures control.

** Nice movement and distance control from both.

** May lands a hard body shot.

** Takedown stuffed by May.

** Uppercut there for Garrett.

** May replies with a right hand.

** Garrett lands an impressive takedown.

** Garrett locks in a front choke.

** Anaconda attempt, not successful.

** Seatbelt for Garrett.

** May spins into control.

** Kimura Attempt.

10-9 Garrett, More time in control.

Round 2:

** Left-right combo May.

** Garrett attempts a single leg takedown.

** May stuffs it with a good sprawl.

** Grappling battle this one.

** May drags Garrett to the canvas.

** What a great contest.

** Garrett reverses the position.

** Back to their feet.

** Garrett goes back to the single leg, tries to run the pipe.

** Garrett heavy with pressure against the cage.

** May transitions to his back.

** Takedown May.

** Kimura attempt from Garrett.

** May moves to back position and locks in a RNC.

** Garrett fights the hands.

10-9 May, I have it even coming into the last.

Round 3:

** 1-1 who wants this fight!

** Nice Left hook May.

** Left-right combo May.

** Both boys have slowed, no move movement.

** Attempted takedown Garrett, May stuffs it.

** Single leg takedown Garrett.

** Even grappling exchange.

** May goes for a choke and uses it to secure a takedown.

** May in Garrett’s full guard.

** No damage with ground and pound.

** Garrett needs to get off his back.

** May in top control.

** Garrett scramble to his feet.

** May controls the last 2 minutes.

** Ground and pound to end the fight by May.

I have it 29-28 Travis May.

Judges score it a unanimous decision to Travis May.

Fight 6

Junior Moe vs Josh Frank

Round 1:

** Low leg kick to start for Moe.

** 3-punch combo the attack for Moe.

** Frank charges forward.

** It’s a striker vs striker.

** Wild exchange.

** Moe lands hard.

** Frank responds, look out this isn’t going long.

** Frank charges again.

** Body shots landed.

** Moe lands a hard left and KOs Frank-ouch.

Moe wins via KO in the first round.

Fight 7

Jake Hearl vs Ray Lawley

Round 1:

** Low leg kicks to start.

** Elite movement by both.

** Attempted spin kick Lawley.

** Grapple against the cage, very even.

** Single leg attempt reversed by Hearl.

** Both up quickly.

** High-level fight, fast and even.

** Leg kicks Lawley looks a game plan.

** Lawley attempts a single leg takedown.

** Good takedown defense Hearl.

** Hearl lands on top out of an exchange.

** Hearl in Lawley’s full guard.

** Both active.

** Hearl lets him up.

** Relentless level changes and takedown attempts by Lawley.

** Counter right there for Hearl.

** A grapple ends on the ground.

** Lawley attempts a RNC.

** Lawler in back control.

** Scramble back to their feet.

** Hearl once again lands on top and finishes the round with ground and pound.

I had it very even, I lean towards Lawley with a little more control. 10-9 Lawley.

Round 2:

** Bang, right hand and lights out!

** WOW, where did that come from.

** Hearl lands a devastating picture-perfect right and it’s over!

KO victory to Jake Hearl.

Fight 8

Goran Olujic vs Joel Downey-Cave

Round 1:

** Front side kick Downey-Cave.

** Olujic responses with his own high kick.

** Sweet takedown for Downey-Cave.

** Sets up a trap and half let’s Olujic up.

** Smooth transition into a guillotine choke.

** Olujic taps very quickly.

** That was sweet.

Submission win to Joel Downey-Cave (Guillotine)

Fight 9


Dan Currie vs Nick Edwards

Round 1:

** Two massive middleweights.

** Edwards faking level changes.

** Lots of feints from both men.

** Stand up looks fast, hard and powerful.

**.Edwards blitz.

** Currie level changes and secures a takedown.

** Currie in top mount.

** Currie transitions to his back.

** Edwards very strong and regains his feet.

** Single leg takedown to Currie, his wrestling his first rate.

** Edwards still working.

** Another takedown Currie.

** Side control for Currie.

** Currie locks in a guillotine attempt.

** Edwards scrambles to his feet.

** Déjà vu, takedown Currie.

** Edwards reverses the position.

** Knee by Edwards his best moment.

** Another takedown Currie.

10-9 Currie. Edwards throws hard and needs one to land. Curries timing and level changes look hard to deal with.

Round 2

** Low kicks to start the round for Edwards.

** Edwards needs to land early and stop the takedown.

** There hasn’t been any knee fakes like Romero uses.

** Wow, feint, level change, take down Currie.

** Currie in full control.

** Currie landing ground and pound.

** A round of Currie domination.

** Heavy Ground and pound.

** Edwards take the shots but has no answer.

10-9 Currie, a dominant round to Currie. Edwards is game but Curries grappling and wrestling is elite.

Round 3

** Edwards needs something to land clean.

** Currie goes straight to his strength, single leg takedown.

** Currie takedowns all day.

** Edwards is one tough man, most would have given up.

** Side control Currie.

** Ground and pound Currie.

** Edwards still looking to stand.

** Front choke and Curries drags Edwards back down.

** Elbows from the top Currie.

10-9 (if not 10-8) Currie. Amazing guts by the “Geeza” to not turtle up and give in.

I had it 30-26.

The only surprise after this fight was a judge gave Nick Edwards a round…… no offense but I don’t understand. What round?

Fight 10

The Inaugural Diamondback Lightweight Championship.

Greg Atzori vs Ethan Duniam

Round 1:

** Kicks exchanged between both fighters.

** Nice short elbow Duniam.

** Under hook battle, get used to it.

** Atzori has double under hooks.

** Atzori lands on top.

** Duniam active from the bottom.

** Top control Atzori, chest to chest.

** Atzori advances position to side control.

** Scramble, back to their feet.

** Duniam lands in top position this time.

** Both use the cage to re-stand.

** Takedown Duniam.

** Duniam move to side control.

** Atzori re-stands.

Grappling masterclass these two.

Duniam has sharp stand up, I feel Atzori had more of the control.

10-9 Atzori (my opinion)

Round 2:

** Left-right combo by Duniam, sharp.

** Atzori goes for a head kick.

** Takedown Duniam.

** Duniam tries to get full mount.

** Scramble to their feet.

** Head position and control in a grapple to Atzori.

** Duniam 3-punch combo, he has the speed and striking advantage.

** Duniam landing the better strikes.

** Atzori goes to his bread and butter.

** Atzori moves to his back after a clinch.

** Duniam lands a hard right hook on a break.

** Atzori reverts to his takedown and lands it.

** Atzori with wrist control.

** Tight round.

** Atzori drags Duniam to the canvas.

** Back mount to Atzori.

** Duniam landing backfists off his back.

Close round–I gave it 10-9 Duniam. Atzori had more grappling control but didn’t land enough damage.

Round 3:

** Leg kicks land early for Atzori.

** Duniam presses forward.

** Punches exchanged, Duniam landing the harder cleaner shots.

** Duniam now winging his shots at different angles, missed just.

** Duniam uses head control against the cage.

** Atzori attempts a single leg takedown.

** Hard knees exchanged between both men.

** Atzori starting to edge the grappling exchanges.

** Takedown Atzori.

** Atzori landing ground and pound, short shots, elbows.

** Atzori has amazing top pressure.

** Duniam very active off his back with strikes.

** Atzori finishes in a dominant position.

Close round, I would lean towards Atzori.

Round 4:

** Hard straight left landed for Duniam.

** Overhand left landed by Duniam.

** Atzori goes straight back to his wheelhouse, grappling.

** Atzori grinding with constant pressure.

** Duniam wants to throw hands.

** Knee in the clinch to Atzori.

** Groin shot, Duniam hurt.

** Atzori lands his own right cross.

** Duniam turning up the heat with striking.

** Atzori reverts to closing the distance.

** Takedown to Atzori.

** Atzori slides into side control.

** Duniam reverses the position.

** Ground and pound Duniam.

Close round, I gave it to Duniam 10-9.

Round 5:

** By my scorecard it’s 2-2.

** Who wants that belt.

** Duniam throws hooks to start the round.

** Atzori a sharp jab.

** Duniam’s stand up looks crisp, still.

** Single leg takedown attempt Atzori doesn’t get it.

** Duniam lands a massive takedown.

** Atzori straight back to his feet.

** Atzori applies a front choke.

** Duniam lands a hard left hook.

** Duniam throws a 4-punch combo with an uppercut finish.

** A clinch against the cage–no control to either.

** Good elbow Duniam.

** Atzori ends up on top in a transition.

** Atzori locks in an anaconda attempt.

** Duniam escapes.

** Atzori lands ground and pound.

** Atzori in top control.

** Happy to stay and not advance to top mount.

** Ground and pound control to Atzori.

I scored it 10-9 Atzori.

Fight score, in my opinion, was 48-47 Atzori.

Judges had it 50-35, 48-47, 50-35.

And new DFC Lightweight champion Ethan Duniam.

WOW, 50-35?

I still don’t understand that. Two judges score every round 10-7? I honestly believe they counted it wrong and it was 50-45. (confirmed at a later date that the score was 50-45 by two judges)

Even then, that cannot be the score of that fight. I believe Atzori won, but if the judges seen in 48-47 for Duniam, I could live with that.

Much respect to both fighters, Ethan’s stand up was great, Greg’s grappling was elite.

Trilogy anyone?

Fight 11

The Diamondback Fighting Championship Middleweight Title

Shane “AAA” Mitchell vs Rick “Ice Cold” Alchin

Round 1:

** Alchin looks big and strong, this is going to be a cracker.

** Alchin wastes no time and closes the distance.

** Massive takedown for Alchin.

** Mitchell actively seeks to get back up.

** Another massive takedown by Alchin, wow.

** Ground and pound early for Alchin.

** Mitchell gets back to his feet.

** Alchin all over the fan favorite.

** Alchin another strong impressive takedown.

** Mitchell seems a weight division smaller.

** Mitchell scrambles back up.

** Alchin, takedown again, is that 4?

** Alchin moves to side control.

** Alchin transitions into full mount.

** Heavy, hard, ground and pound.

** Mitchell trying to escape.

** Full mount again for Alchin, his BJJ is amazing.

** Mitchell bucks and escapes.

** Mitchell rains ground and pound for 10 seconds and we see his power for the first time.

10-8 Alchin. Very dominate round. Mitchell survives, he needs to keep it standing.

Round 2:

** The two bulls meet in the center of the octagon.

** Alchin secures a big takedown again.

** Shane straight up and out of danger.

** Mitchell stuffs another takedown attempt from Alchin.

** Wild exchange.

** Both throwing heat, Here…. We …… Go!

** Alchin lands but it’s Mitchell who looks comfortable on his feet.

** Heavy shots by Mitchell and Alchin’s mouth is open.

** Under hook battle as Alchin closes the distance.

** Lead left hook, Mitchell.

** Straight right by Mitchell looks to have landed.

** Alchin goes straight to his bread and butter and secures a takedown.

** Side control Alchin.

** Alchin advances to full mount.

** Ground and pound by Alchin as he softens Mitchell up.

** Mitchell tries to sweep.

** Alchin looks like he has a heavy top game.

** Alchin steps over Mitchell’s head.

** Reverse Triangle locked in, Mitchell’s neck in a weird position.

** Mitchell taps.

Amazing BJJ by Alchin. Mitchell had his moments on the feet where I feel he was starting to get back in the fight.

Alchin went back to his takedowns and BJJ and smothered Mitchell.

Winner by submission in the second round, and new Diamondback Fighting Championship Middleweight Champion Rick “Ice Cold” Alchin.

Impressive performance!

Great show Diamondback–until next time!

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