Hex Fight Series 16 – Results And Recap


Hex Fight Series 16

 Melbourne Pavilion 08/09/18

 Hex Fight Series returns to the premier venue for MMA in Victoria with a 12-fight professional fight card headlined by Nathan Reddy vs Parminder Singh.

As always, the venue is pumped, packed and ready. The Hex team as always looks after every need.

Some of Australia’s best young talent is on display, names such as Jordan “Kingpin” O’Connor, Alex “Hitman” Gorgees and Joel “Mantis” Kenrick.

As always, we re-cap every fight with significant moments of each round:

Stephen Thouliss (0-3) vs Joey Karami (Professional Debut)

Round 1:

** Karami has the home crowd behind him.

** Karami comes out aggressive holding octagon control.

** Grapple into a clinch by Karami.

** Karami takes his back standing and drags Thouliss to the mat.

** Knees in the clinch to Karami.

** Single leg for Karami, into Thouliss’s full guard.

** Heavy hard ground and pound by Karami.

** Takedown secured by Karami.

** Karami slides into side mount.

** Thouliss throws up some offense in the form of a triangle attempt.

** Karami takes Thouliss’s back.

** Takedown completed by Karami.

My score: 10-9 Karami (could have nearly been 10-8)

Round 2:

** Both fighters showing good movement.

** Powerful leg kick attacks from Karami.

** Thouliss needs to up his work rate as this one is getting away from him.

** Straight right-hand lands for Karami.

** Level change and takedown successful for Karami.

** Karami slides into half guard.

** Ground and pound, Karami controlling this one.

** Thouliss is able to scramble to his feet.

** Another takedown Karami.

** Submission attempted by Thouliss from his back.

** Karami secures another strong takedown.

** Thouliss attacks karami’s neck.

** Karami finishes the round with accurate hard ground and pound.

My score 10-9 Karami

Round 3:

** Thouliss comes out hard and controls the center of the octagon.

** Karami attacks with low calf killer kicks.

** Another takedown secured by Karami.

** Karami slides into side control.

** Full mount and top control for Karami.

** Karami puts Thouliss in a crucifix.

** Powerful elbows and the referee stops the fight!

Winner by 3rd round TKO, Joey Karami.

Wayne Cummins (Professional Debut) vs Jordan “Kingpin” O’Connor (2-1)

Round 1:

** Quick movement by O’Connor.

** Elite distance control by O’Connor.

** Cummins throws a wild overhand swinging punch.

** Front kick O’Connor.

** Straight right BANG O’Connor floors Cummins.

** Little bit of ground and pound and the referee stops it.

** WOW- amazing performance.


Winner by KO, Jordan “Kingpin” O’Connor.


Saeid “The King” Karsaz (2-4-1) vs Ciaran Daly (0-2)

Round 1:

** It’s Iran fighting out of Victoria vs Ireland.

** Cautious start by both men.

** Punches traded in the center of the octagon.

** Daly’s hands are down, why?

** Both fighters winging wide punches.

** Karsaz lands a hard-low calf kick.

** Both men missing punches.

** Whoever works out the distance should win this fight.

** A lot of power being thrown with no set up.

** BANG – overhand right landed by Karsaz, fights over.


Winner by KO in round 1, Saeid “The King” Karsaz.

Robby Lara (1-1) vs Joshua “Pretty Boy” Riley (2-2)

Round 1:

** Great match up.

** Both fighters meet in the center of the octagon.

** Riley attempting kicks from different angles.

** Grapple into a clinch against the fence.

** Double leg take down secured by Riley.

** Riley moves into half guard.

** Heavy ground and pound Riley.

** Side control Riley.

** Suplex by Riley – ouch.

** Lara needs to get some offense off.

** Riley takes Lara’s back, locks in his hooks.

** Rear naked choke attempt by Riley.

** Lara fights it, fighting hands.

** Great transition to his back by Riley.

** Riley throws Lara across the octagon.

** Riley dominates the first round.

** Fights over as Robby Lara can’t answer the bell due to injury.


Winner by TKO, Joshua Riley. 

Blake Donnelly (1-0) vs Sean Le Gourrierec (3-2)

Round 1:

** Another stellar match up.

** The fighters meet head to head in the center of the octagon.

** Sean attempts a takedown, well evaded Donnelly.

** Great knee in a clinch for Sean.

** Feeling out process in this one.

** Punches traded in the center of the octagon.

** Feels like a boxing match at the moment.

** Hard thigh kick lands for Donnelly.

** Both these fighters have elite movement and distance control.

** Hard right hand landed for Sean- ouch.

** Low calf killer landed by Donnelly.

** Accurate jabs land for Donnelly.

** Attempted takedown by Sean, no feint or level change.

** Clinch against the fence.

** High kick lands for Donnelly, Sean catches it and uses it to push him over.

My score: 10-10 couldn’t pick a winner in that round.


Round 2:

** Jabs exchanged by both fighters.

** Sean starting to take octagon control.

** Feints and level changes by both men.

** Donnelly lands a powerful leg kick – ouch.

** Sean lands a step-in knee.

** Sean’s best weapon is that right hand.

** Donnelly counters with a right of his own.

** Donnelly now walking forward.

** Right hands exchanged – what a fight!

** 3 punch combination Donnelly.

** Donnelly pouring on the pressure.

** Hard fast punches, referee nearly stops it.

My score 10-9 Donnelly.


Round 3:

** Both fighters want that octagon control.

** Donnelly’s hands are elite.

** Sean is as tough as nails.

** Sean lands a takedown.

** Donnelly uses a butterfly guard.

** Sean lands a heavy right hand.

** Donnelly moving forward, punches exchanged, Donnelly looks comfortable.

** What a fight!

** 8-10 punch combination for Donnelly.

** Sean looking for a takedown but can’t stop Donnelly’s onslaught.

** The referee stops the fight!

Winner by TKO, Blake Donnelly.

Richard Lockett (2-1) vs Jack “Tooting Boy” Lambe (0-2)

Round 1:

** Both men come out showing elite movement.

** Lockett lands powerful body kicks, 3 in a row.

** Lambe trying to take the center of the octagon.

** Lambe lands his own body killer kick.

** Straight right-hand lands for Lockett.

** Feints and level changes from these two high level guys.

** Lambe throws 3 left hooks without success.

** Lockett lands a beautiful head kick.

** Lambe catches it and uses it to secure a takedown.

** Rubber guard used by Lockett, be careful here Lambe.

** Elbows from the bottom from Lockett.

** I feel Lambe didn’t use his top position to affect there.

 My score: 10-9 Lambe (takedown secured it)


Round 2:

** Slower start by both fighters.

** Lockett lands his powerful body kicks again.

** Takedown secured by Lambe, needs to do something with it.

** Rubber guard again utilized by Lockett.

** Triangle locked in by Lockett.

** It’s in tight.

** Lambe taps!

** Great finish, elite submission.


Winner by Triangle Submission, Richard Lockett. 

Alex “Hitman” Gorgees (5-0) vs Jai “The Knucklefairy” Bradney (16-14-1)

Round 1:

** Could this be the changing of the guard.

** Both fighters come out of the blocks fast.

** Don’t blink.

** Great movement by Gorgees, never staying on the center line.

** Gorgees lands 3 devastating leg kicks.

** Punches exchanged, Bradney throwing from the fences.

** Both men have their chins tested.

** Inside leg trip by Gorgees.

** Amazing exchanges by both combatants.

** The crowd erupts, spinning backfists by Gorgees.

** Knockdown, Bradney springs back up.

** Bradney moving his head in and out and trying to stay hard to hit.

** Bradney clowning a little to get into Gorgees head.

** Flurry of strikes ending with a right hand and Bradney goes down.

** WOW!

** The referee intervenes and stops the fight.

** Extremely entertaining fight, well done Bradney for putting up a great show.

** Great performance by Gorgees!

Winner by KO, Alex “Hitman” Gorgees.

(Speaking to Alex before the fight – his exact words “straight right, goodnight”)

Joel “Mantis” Kendrick (6-1-1) vs Sam “The Sharpshooter” Hayward (7-2)

Round 1:

** Another amazing match-up.

** Kendrick starts with accurate leg kicks.

** Hayward secures a clinch against the cage.

** Takedown secured by Hayward.

** Hayward locks in a tight Darce choke.

** Amazing effort by Kendrick to stay in the fight – WOW

** Kendrick looks better on his feet, strong combinations.

** Sweet spinning back kick by Kendrick.

** Kenrick switching stances and closing the distance.

** Nice straight left Kenrick.

** Stand up all to Kenrick.

** Hayward controls the grapple exchange.

** Kendrick lands devastating body shots.

** Hayward throws a late flurry.

** Both fighters throwing and not moving their head off the center line at the moment.

Close round, D’arce choke to Hayward, or Kendrick’s stand up, 10-9 Kendrick in my opinion.


Round 2:

** Both meet in the center of the octagon.

** Punches exchanged.

** Kendrick’s leg kicks are dangerous.

** Hayward catches a kick and attempts a takedown.

** Kendrick picking him apart from the outside.

** Kendrick’s boxing combinations elite.

** Massive overhand right for Hayward.

** Kendrick now starting to take octagon control with aggression.

** Hayward in counter punch mode.

** What a great fight.

My score for the round 10-9 Kendrick.


Round 3:

** Close fight – who wants it.

** Hayward needs a takedown.

** Kendrick repeats his accurate leg attack.

** Both these men are giving their all.

** Hayward attempts a takedown.

** Hayward secures a clinch against the cage.

** Hayward persistent and gets the takedown.

** Hayward slides into half guard.

** Great top pressure, chest to chest.

** Hayward goes for his favoured darce choke.

** Kendrick well-schooled and coached and circles away from the pressure.

** Kendrick escapes – well done!

** Hayward takes grapple control.

** Hayward completes another takedown, needs to do something with it.

** Kendrick stand up is elite.

** Great counter combination by Hayward.

** Kendrick and Hayward stand and trade to finish a great fight!


My score for the round 10-9 Hayward.

My score for the fight 29-28 Kendrick.

Winner by split decision, Joel Kendrick.

David (DJ the Warmonger) Taumoepeau (2-0) vs Cam Dempsey (0-1)

Round 1:

** The big guys enter the octagon.

** Don’t blink.

** Slow start, feeling out process.

** Taumoepeau tries a high kick, Dempsey catches it and uses it to take the fight down.

** Dempsey attempts an armbar.

** Dempsey rolls for a knee bar.

** Dempsey into full mount.

** Heavy ground and pound, elbows, and punches to Dempsey.

** Dempsey takes his back, one hook in.

** Top control Dempsey.

** Dempsey in full mount.

My score 10-9 Dempsey.

Round 2:

** Both combatants look tired.

** Not much movement.

** Attempted high kick via Dempsey.

** Attempted takedown Dempsey.

** A clinch against the cage has Dempsey in control.

** Single leg takedown secured by Dempsey.

** Dempsey in full mount.

** Heavy ground and pound.

** Dominate round Dempsey.

** Taumoepeau needs to mount a massive comeback.

My score 10-9 Dempsey.

Round 3:

** Can Taumoepeau mount a comeback, can he keep it standing.

** Taumoepeau swinging.

** A messy exchange, Dempsey back up.

** Dempsey secures top position, great wrestling.

** Position control all to Dempsey.

** Complete performance to Dempsey.

** Taumoepeau didn’t have the answers to the wrestling of Dempsey.

My score for the round 10-9 Dempsey.

My score for the fight 30-27 Dempsey.


Winner by unanimous decision Cam Dempsey.

Greg Herne (2-3) vs Ricky Biechun (1-0)

Round 1:

** The heavyweights come out again.

** Heavy leather thrown early from both – WOW!

** Herne secures a clinch.

** Both stand and deliver.

** Biechun trying to take the center of the octagon.

** Both men have power to burn.

** Nice straight right Biechun.

** Biechun the taller man throwing straight punches.

** Greg throwing hooks at the taller opponent.

** Lead left hooks there for Herne.

** Biechun countering.

My score 10-10, too close to call.

Round 2:

** Biechun attacks with leg kicks.

** Herne lands a straight right.

** Herne with a lead left hook.

** Hard knee completed by Biechun.

** Wild exchange, a lot of heat still in this contest.

** Herne clinches against the cage.

** Biechun reverses the position.

** Under hook battle.

** Biechun secures a single leg takedown.

** Biechun moves into full mount.

** Herne recovers to half guard.

** Elbows from top position, Biechun.

** Ground and pound, Biechun.

My score for that round 10-9 Biechun.

Round 3:

** Herne lands a sweet right cross.

** Biechun’s hands are high.

** BIG right hands exchanged.

** Both men have stopped moving their head off the center line.

** Biechun attempts a head kick.

** Left-right combination by Herne.

** Right hook by Herne.

** Biechun throwing straight punches.

** Herne throwing hooks with bad intentions.

** Heavy body kick Biechun.

** What a fight, stand and deliver.

** Left, left, right combination Biechun.

** More lead hooks to Herne.


My round score was 10-9 Herne.

My score for the fight was 28-28 Draw.

Winner by unanimous decision Ricky Biechun. 

Co-Main Event

Ricky (2-Slick) Camp (9-4) vs Scott (Mad Dog) MacGregor (4-5)

Round 1:

** Another first class match up.

** Camp starts with leg kicks, powerful.

** Camp attempts a front choke.

** Takes his back and secures a seatbelt.

** Landing ground and pound Camp is in control.

** MacGregor needs to scramble and escape.

** Camp slick with a transition into a rear naked choke.

** It’s in and tight.

** WOW – MacGregor taps, how SLICK was that.

Winner by Submission via rear naked choke, Ricky (2-slick) Camp. 

Main Event

Nathan “Vanilla Gorilla” Reddy (6-1) vs Parminder Singh (1-0)

Round 1:

** Reddy comes out with purpose and lands hard leg kicks.

** Singh throws from the fences, wild hook.

** Singh lands a massive punch, Reddy seemed unfazed.

** Feints by Reddy, excellent movement.

** Massive knee in a clinch for Reddy.

** Front kick Reddy.

** Reddy controlling the distance.


** OMG!

** 1.28 minutes into the very first round – good night!

Winner by head kick KO Nathan “Vanilla Gorilla” Reddy!


As always, a great night of fights put on by a very professional outfit in Hex Fight Series!


Fight of the night: Joel Kendrick vs Sam Hayward.


Performance of the night x 3: Nathan Reddy, Ricky Camp and Alex Gorgees.


Myself, nickportellamma.com, MMA Freaks and Combat Insiders would like to thank the HEX FIGHT SERIES TEAM for their hospitality.


Until next time……..


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