MMA Pro League: Team New Jersey Vs. Team Pennsylvania Results And Recap


The inaugural team MMA event known as MMA Pro League has come and gone. A better show could not have been written. The fighters showed up ready to represent their state. Below you will find the results, recap, and team score surrounding this historic night of combat.

The final team score was Team Pennsylvania 14 and Team New Jersey 6 yo secure the first MMA Pro League team win.

Main Card 

Main Event

Kevin Ray Sears vs. Ahmed Samir 

Round 1

Samir lands a take down and goes for ground and pound.

Referee stops fight for an eye poke by Samir.

Fight resumes then stopped again for a low blow by Samir.

Fight starts again and they are both throwing bombs.

Samir pushing forward but Sears lands a big right

Sears lands a huge jab and Samir is wobbled.

Samir takes a shot and is laying on top of Sears.

Sears lands a huge right and tries a hip toss.

Samir follows it through and ends up in mount on top.

Sears doing some damage from the bottom and the round ends.

Round 2

Sears goes right at Samir and they are off.

Samir gets taken down and Sears takes mount.

Sears landing big ground and pound.

Sears laying it down on Samir and not letting him breathe.

Referee stops bout for an accidental elbow from Sears.

Fight continues.

Sears moves forward and scores another takedown.

Samir reverses and ends up on top.

Sears reverses and transitions to mount.

Sears tries an armbar and Samir reverses and is on top.

Sears ends escaping.

Round 3

Sears takes control and take Samir down.

Sears takes mount again and i laying down some damage.

Sears continues to work for the finish.

Samir working hard and is not done at all.

Both of these fighters are tough as nails and are putting on a show.

Kevin Ray Sears defeats Ahmed Samir via unanimous decision (29-27 x2, 29-28)

3 points scored for Team New Jersey

Co-Main Event

Emmanuel Walo vs. Rafael Celestino

Round 1

Celestino comes out firing on all cylinders. Walo handles the onslaught.

They exchange hay makers but both miss.

Celestino keeps his foot on the gas but Walo’s experience shines through taking minimal damage.

Walo let’s his hands go and lands combinations.

Walo is heating up and finishes the round strong.

Round 2

They circle to start.

Walo lands a huge right head kick and follows with strong punches.

Celestino returns fire.

Celestino landing now but Walo gets out and resets.

Walo blocking an arsenal of strikes.

Celestino runs at Walo for a takedown and knocks himself down.

Walo jumps on him and starts to rain down punches.

Celestino breaks free but Walo follows. It ends with both men standing up in the center.

Celestino throws another furry and Walo shakes his head after it ends.

Walo ends the round on his opponents back.

Round 3

Round starts with leg kick after leg kick coming from both sides.

Celestino goes after a right head kick but Walo slips most of it.

Walo lands a sweep after his opponent kicks high.

Celestino gets up and starts to throw again pushing Walo into the cage.

Celestino scores a takedown and is looking to finish.

Walo gets out and up.

Celestino comes in hard and Walo lands and wobbles Celestino.

They finish out jabbing.

Rafael Celestino defeats Emmanuel Walo via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

3 points scored for Team Pennsylvania

Mike Pagano vs. Zedekiah Montanez 

Round 1

Feeling each other out.

Pagano fakes a takedown and throws a kick.

Pagano lands a right and shoots for the double leg.

Montanez stuffs it but Pagano continues to complete it.

They stay against the cage and the referee separates them.

They find their groove and begin to exchange.

Pagano pressing froward Montanez countering.

Pagano scores a takedown.

Montanez gets up and as they break they both land huge.

Pagano chasing another takedown and gets it.

Montanez on his back and Pagano trying to land.

End of round.

Round 2

Montanez lands a big roundhouse kick to the head.

Montanez lands a big left kick then a hard right hook to the body.

Pagano goes in for the takedown but gets caught.

Montanez starting to take control in all aspects.

Montanez lets a combination go and Pagano tries for the takedown.

Montanez lands a knee to circle out and gets back on the attack.

Pagano lands a left hook but Montanez moves right through it.

Pagano has Montanez against the cage and is landing body shots.

They part ways as the round ends.

Round 3

They are both looking for shots.

They exchange and both land.

Montanez moving in but Pagano is happy to meet him on his way.

Lots of movement and Pagano lands a straight right.

Both fighters pause and smile at each other.

Montanez lands an accidental low blow.

Straight right from Montanez lands and he drops Pagano.

Montanez lands a knee to a grounded opponent and they docked Montanez a point.

Montanez throwing bombs Pagano answering back.

Fireworks for the last 20 seconds and the bell rings.

Zedekiah Montanez defeats Mike Pagano via unanimous decision (29-27 x3)

3 points scored for Team Pennsylvania

Claudio Ledesma vs.Andre Bernardo

Round 1

Both men exchange from the bell.

Ledesma works the leg kicks.

They clinch and Ledesma lands knees from the clinch.

Bernardo shoots for a takedown.

Ledesma takes the back as they remain standing.

Ledesma lands another knee then circles out.

Wild exchange takes place and a near takedown for Ledesma.

Ledesma lads some combos and Bernardo throws a big bomb and misses.

Ledesma landing often.

Bernardo lands solid finally and tries for a takedown without success.

Ledesma back to work landing to the head and body with punches and kicks.

Bernardo lands a big looping right and Ledesma answers with a flurry to end the round.

Round 2

Bernardo on the attack Ledesma continues to land.

Bernardo shoots in and Ledesma ends up on top in guard.

Ledesma remains on top and active.

Bernardo gets back to his feet but can’t shake his opponent from his back.

They finally break free.

Ledesma is working an using all the weapons he has and begins to chop down the lead leg.

Bernardo’s durability is shining through.

Round ends.

Round 3

Ledesma gets on the attack and looks for a kneebar.

Bernardo evades and ends up on top.

Bernardo takes the back and remains in control landing damage.

Bernardo hunting the rear-naked choke and staying busy.

Ledesma reverses and gets one top and Bernardo stands immediately.

Ledesma remains on the back while standing and lands some rights.

Round ends.

Claudio Ledesma defeats Andre Bernardo via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-27)

3 points scored for Team New Jersey.

Gabriel Ruiz vs. Cody Hier

Round 1

Both men finding range.

Lots of sizing up.

Ruiz throws a right and Hier scores a single leg.

Ruiz goes for a guillotine without success. Both men stand and reset.

Ruiz lands a big left.

Hier gets his composure and goes back to work changing levels and hunting takedowns.

Ruiz lads a straight left and Hier feels it.

Hier answers with a right cross that lands flush.

Hier lands a combo and Ruiz answers with a huge left that grazed Hier.

BOth men exchange and Hier scores a takedown.

Hier lands some damage and they break at end of round.

Round 2

They touch gloves to start the round.

They exchange combinations and Hier lands a takedown.

Hier attempts a guillotine without success and Ruiz stands up on escape.

Hier lands a big right. Ruiz throws back then puts his hands behind his back to taunt.

Hier scores another takedown.

Ruiz back to his feet and Hier slams him to the mat.

Hier landing hard as Ruiz covers up and tries to get up.

Hier takes the back and his opponent stands to escape. Hier slams him down again.

Hier on the back and lands soem ground and pound until the referee stops the fight.

Cody Hier defeats Gabriel Ruiz via TKO (ground and pound) in round 2.

5 points scored for Team Pennsylvania.

Turpal Khamzayez vs. Joseph Penafiel 

Round 1

No time wasted with exchanging strikes.

Penafiel tries a takedown which is stuffed.

Khamzayez landing leg kicks and Penafiel asking for more with taunts.

Khamzayez stays on the attack with leve changes, punches, and leg kicks.

Penafiel looks for a takedown and Khamzayez hunts a kneebar.

Khamzayez transitions through a few submissions attempts and remains in control.

Penafiel breaks free and takes a wild attack and lands in side control.

Khamzayez looking to land some ground and pound but very few land.

Penafiel ends high on the back of Khamzayez t the sound of the bell.

Round 2

Penafiel starts off taunting.

Khamzayez answers with a straight right and a solid 1 2 combo.

Khamzayez landing the straight right at will.

Penafiel tres a front kick but it is caught.

Penafiel lands a takedown and lays on top.

Penafiel warned for throwing elbows which are not legal in MMA Pro League.

Khamzayez working to get free from bottom.

Not much action fans yelling to be stood up.

Penafiel lands some ground and pound and Khamzayez moves to escape.

Penafiel lets Khamzayez up and he shoots for a leg lock at round end.

Round 3

Penafiel still taunting but not landing.

Both men stop and begin to trash talk then Khamzayez lands a head kick.

Penafiel presses twards the cage and lands a takedown then lays on Khamzayez.

Penafiel takes the back.

Khamzayez not taking damage but needs to escape.

Penafiel lands a few rights to keep his striking up.

Khamzayez escapes to defensive guard.

Khamzayez ends free.

Joseph Penafiel  defeats Turpal Khamzayez via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28)

3 points scored for Team Pennsylvania.


Justin Osborn vs. Andy Jimenez 

Round 1

No time wasted Osborn goes on the offense backing his opponent up.

Jimenez throwing but Osborn slipping and landing.

Jimenez looking for a guillotine but Osborn escapes and gets up and takes his back.

They let go and head to the center.

Jimenez throwing wild and lands a right but Osborn goes after him.

Osborn lands a hard straight left.

Jimenez countering but Osborn putting together some nice combo work.

They exchange hard with both men landing.

Osborn landing knees from the clinch then uses the cage for control.

Great technical scramble and Jimenez ends up on Osborn’s back as the round ends.

Round 2

More caution to start the round from both parties.

Good technical exchanges and Osborn finds an opening for a takedown.

Osborn remains heavy on the top in half guard and lands to the body.

Jimenez works his way to his feet and a clean break happens.

Osborn gets back to it showing his gas tank.

Osborn using leg kicks to change it up.

Jimenez clinches but Osborn takes control immediately making his opponent work and landing knees to the body.

Osborn waned for an elbow which appeared accidental.

Osborn lands a left head kick.

Osborn scores a takedown but Jimenez right back up.

Osborn finishes the takedown again and lands in guard.

Round 3

Osborn stalking and Jimenez backs up and takes him down.

Jimenez looking for the back but Osborn gets up and is taken down again.

Osborn working for the escape.

Osborn gets up and works his way to the cage and gets free.

Jimenez lands a left hook clean.

Both men circle and watch for openings.

They throw down against the cage with wild shots. At the end of the exchange Osborn lands a knee a moves.

Osborn now picking his shots as Jimenez needs to get on the attack.

Lots of clinching and switching happening but Osborn ends in control against the cage.

End of round.

Justin Osborn defeats Andy Jimenez via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Shan Cella vs. Francisco Muniz

Round 1

Cella and Muniz exchange some shots.

Cella lands a trip but Muniz recovers before any damage can be done.

Muniz pushes Cella against the cage Cella reverses.

Muniz working for a takedown. Cella fighting it off.

Both go to their knees and get up.

Muniz scores the takedown but Cella ends up on top.

Cella lands some ground and pound.

Round 2

Both men looking for an opening feeling each other out.

Cella landing combinations.

Muniz throwing kicks and pressing Cella against cage.

Muniz throws a knee in the clinch which Cella catches and scores a takedown.

Referee stands them up due to lack of action.

Muniz lands a takedown and Calla hunts the armbar.

Muniz remains on top but Cella is saying busy looking for submissions Muniz on the defensive from top.

Round 3

Clinch right away.

Muniz lands a glancing knee from the clinch but Cella not effected.

Both men exchange and Muniz lands a big uppercut.

Cella somehow scores a takedown.

Both men back to their feet fight ends before any big exchanges happen.

Shan Cella defeats Francisco Muniz via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Mark Kolker vs. Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov 

Round 1

Kolker good movement finding his range.

Left head kick partial landing Kamchybekov.

Big left hook Kolker.

Kamchybekov takes down Kolker three times. Kolker up immediately three times.

Kolker finding success with left hook after he slips.

Round 2

Both fighters cautious.

A few wild exchanges.

Kamchybekov landed a clean right hook. Kolker shakes it off.

Kamchybekov appearing tired.

Kolker working the body with success.

Kamchybekov lands a takedown. Kolker gets up with minimal damage.

Round 3

Fighters start the final round with a glove touch

Kolker scores a takedown but Kamchybekov gets right back up.

Kolker lands a good right cross against the cage and follows with some big shots.

Kamchybekov lands a takedown and gets in guard. Kolker works his way back to his feet quickly.

Kamchybekov lands and uppercut and trips Kolker but doesn’t follow.

Kolker lands a  big overhand right. Kamchybekov wobbled.

Kamchybekov lands a takedown but lays on Kolker.

Kolker escapes and they end on the feet.

Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov defeats Mark Kolker via unanimous decision 30-27 x3






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